Customers of the Pharma Fraternity

Date – 15th September 2022

Mumbai, India

Subject – Declaration regarding our products & Free Gifting.

Dear All,

With the recent developments in the government norms regarding free gift distribution to the medical fraternity, we would like to declare that our products “DO NOT” come in the ‘freebie’ or ‘Free Gift’ category. Most of our products like paperweights, keychains, coasters, etc are Stationery items that are distributed to doctors with the sole purpose of giving free stationery to our healthcare experts. Our product range also includes free patient education / information printed on them. Such products are for the betterment of the patients and to make them aware about their ailment in a better way. 

We would like to tell all our clients to be 100% free minded while choosing our products as none of our products are a bribe or meant to lure the Doctor. The customized branding done on our products is a brand reminder which is necessary as there are many brands with similar names. Our products cannot be sold for income generation or do not hold any sort of high value if tried to sold in the market after distribution. Our products are meant and developed to be used inside a clinic and serve no purpose if tried to used outside a clinic. 

To serve our healthcare (pharma) clients in a more efficient manner, we are soon launching three new divisions in Param Corporation, which are inclined towards providing in- clinic inputs with medical information published from renowned medical authorities / publishers. These inputs CANNOT be treated as a gift whatsoever and are meant to educate the Doctors & Patients. Requesting all our clients to wish us luck for our new venture!

If any of our customers have any queries regarding our products, they can feel very free to connect with me on the same. We expect the same amount of business and cooperation from our clients which we have received since the inception of Param Corporation! 

Thanks & Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Sanchay Dosi                                                     

Param Corporation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

+91 9820149950

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